Why are your items made to order?
Because I'm a small business, I choose to make my items to order to save on materials and also help with inventory. This may change in the future, but for now it works with my business.

What's your turnaround time?
Processing time from order placement to order being shipped is approximately 7 days.

Do you do custom orders?
At this time, I do not have the capacity to do custom orders, though it is a possibility for the future!

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
No, I do not accept returns or exchanges. 

Help, I think my earrings arrived damaged. 
Did a jump ring come loose during transit? While I do check everything obsessively before it leaves my hands, it is possible something was overlooked! To fix a jump ring, take a pair of needle-nose pliers and gently manipulate and clamp the jump ring back into place. *Note that a loose jump ring does not constitute damage.

Likewise, during hotter months sometimes the glue can come undone on the backs of studs if your parcel was traveling in the heat or if it was left unattended in a mailbox for too long. This does not constitute as damage as I have no control over the weather and I use industrial strength glue. A stud can be re-glued using a similar industrial craft glue such as E-6000. 

However, if your item arrives seriously damaged as in a piece is clearly snapped in half or is totally unusable, please contact me using the contact form provided straight away and we will work towards a solution! 

I think my order may be lost. What can be done?
Email me and I can file a missing parcel report on your behalf. Please note that tracking is provided with your item as it is shipped via USPS and once the parcel has left my possession, it is out of my control if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed while in the care of USPS. 

I missed out on an item! Will it ever return?
Most items will restock eventually, if not immediately after they sell out. Because I like to make things to order to gauge interest and save on materials, if a popular item sells out, I will more than likely reorder more material for that product and make more of that item. However, some special merchandise, such as holiday items, may only come around once or twice a year. 

Any other questions, just shoot me message using the contact form provided!