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Here's how it works: *Purchase one (or more) of this listing and receive an Easter egg filled with a mystery pair of earrings. The earrings are brand new but an older, discontinued style from my shop that I am phasing out to make room for more inventory. They could be charm earrings, polymer clay, brass pieces... I have a TON of earrings I need to offload and figured this was a fun way to do it! You won't know what you'll get, but it's guaranteed to be a gorgeous piece of jewelry! They will NOT be a current style or anything acrylic.

*No returns or exchanges! You get what you get!

*Because of the nature of the mystery, earrings vary in size and material; however, most are made with brass ear wires or posts for closure.

*The earrings will be placed inside of an Easter egg, but I will include a blank jewelry card in your box for you in case you want to gift them.

*Great for yourself, or gifting to friends, coworkers, neighbors, moms, grads, whomever! This initially was an Easter promotion but I'm sticking with the egg theme so they'll continue to come in cute eggs!

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